Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 2 in Portugal

From Tom, Surfrider Europe:

Here we are in Lisbon for the first show. Before the concert Jack came to say "H"i to all the volunteers and have a chat with them. Lots of t shirts signings and photographs before going backstage again. All the volunteers are really enthusiastic and motivated.

During the concert, the Surfrider booth is great success; the Portuguese audience is nice and enthusiastic and we got tons of pledge signings. Many Portuguese people are asking where they can find the Portuguese Surfrider chapter in order to commit to the environmental cause. Looks like there’s room to increase the number of Surfrider volunteers to come and help us clean the beaches and enforce our organization.

Joao has invited some of the most influential personalities of the Portuguese surfing industry: Joao Valente editor of Surf Portugal magazine, Antonio Fonseca editor of Vert Bodyboard Magazine, Joao Santos Vice-President of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, Catarina Esteves general secretary of Rowing Federation, and 6 surfrider members from 6 different places in Portugal.

All the volunteers have made a great job on the Village Green and made this first concert a success, thanks to them. Portugal has a long coastline and many areas that need to be protected. It’s rewarding to see that so many people are now aware of the environmental problems, and more than that, ready to take actions.

Being on Jack Johnson’s tour definitely helps us to bring that message and promote our actions, as his performance on stage moves the crowd when he shows images of the ocean and more generally shows a great example, being a surfer, a father, a husband and more someone who’s committed to be respectful of our environment.

After the show, we hit the road to Barcelona, while Jack is gonna be singing in Madrid for the Rock and Rio (featuring Neil Young). Thanks you to Joao and all the volunteer crew. This first concert was a perfect start.

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