Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Surfing Lake Erie

Rain, rain and more rain. We arrived in the morning at Blossom concert center to threatening clouds and eventually steady rain. I had two volunteers from Cleveland who are Surfrider members and are very fired up about the organization. Scott and Chris got to meet Jack before the show (and Scott got to mention the surf film he is working on!) They both surf Lake Erie when there is surf (wind required), which is hard core from their description. They have problems with plastic, runoff and sewage being dumped directly in the lake, but have to surf after it storms because that is the only time when there is surf. Chris knew that Jim Moriarty, our illustrious Executive Director, is actually from Cleveland! (now located in Solana Beach).
The response from concert-goers to our messge was about the same as Indy: I was surprised at the number of people who read the RAP pledge and said that they already do most of the actions on the pledge. I think there must be something about Jack's fans; they are more environmentally inclined.
Scott and Chris, after talking to a lot of people from Cleveland who are interested in surfing and clean water issues, are very fired up to start a Cleveland/Northern Ohio chapter, which I think is great! I think that could be the most significant outcome of our concert outreach at Cleveland, and will result in reaching a lot more people in Ohio about clean water issues. I plan to follow up with Chris and Scott on the formation of a new chapter. I think we can help from San Diego a lot!
Another 15 hour day of putting up and taking down 10 vinyl tents, talking for 4 hours to interested concert goers, being very soggy by the end (folding 10 tent tops on my knees in the rain), but very exciting!


scottditzen said...

Elizabeth!! It was great meeting with you. And thanks so much for all of your tireless efforts. We are all really excited to get a new chapter up and running. Chris and I are definitely motivated by the hundreds of cool people at the show who wanted to learn more about Surfrider and how to get more involved. Just awesome.

Scott Ditzenberger
out of place: a portrait of surfing the great lakes

Brandi said...

Elizabeth! Do you have the any contact info for Scott? I talked to him a little bit at the show about his idea of starting an Ohio chapter and was hoping to get ahold of him. Email me if you have it. See you at RedRocks. Haha.

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