Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jack, Pearl Jam and Kanye

No Village Green today at Bonnaroo, but we helped out one of the non-profits here, talking to people about reducing their carbon footprints. We only had to work a few hours, which was a nice change from the 15 hour day yesterday. It is a full on festival out there, with lots of crazy people, multiple stages, arts and eco booths, and of course the requisite mud. Imagine a mile square muddy field with 80,000 people camped out and you can begin to imagine the spectacle.
Then there was a BBQ "backstage" with the whole JJ crew and now we are just hanging out waiting for the shows. The backstage is a grassy, tented square around which 8 portable dressing rooms are placed. These are for PJ, JJ and Kanye (the headliners for tonight), so everyone and their crews are just around. It's the most peaceful and pleasant place at the festival, fairly family oriented with Jack's kids running around. This is the place everyone wants to be. Rolling Stone is here, jockeying for interviews. I'm just happy to hang on the couch and take in the whole scene.

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