Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Crew

Tonight everyone arrived in Indianapolis: the road crew, caterers, musicians, non-profits and managers. I think there are about 50 of us. I found out we (the non-profits) will be sharing a bus with the guys from Reverb, who are managing the "greening" of the tour, and the caterers. At least I know we won't be hurting for food! (No Home Town Buffet or Bob Evans for us!) We are all staying at the Hotel Conrad, the nicest hotel in Indianapolis as I understand it. I guess this will partially make up for the cramped quarters of the tour bus. I have a nice big room to myself the next 2 nights! We had a non-profit getting to know you at Rock Bottom Brewery (see photo) and I met Nicole Parisi-Smith for the first time: she's a RAP enthusiast from the Capitol Chapter of Surfrider who is on this tour for Headcount. Super cool to meet up after many RAP emails.
No rain here, just low eighties and not too humid. It's nice! I hope it stays that way....

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