Monday, June 23, 2008

Heading Home

Said goodbye to the crew today at Chicago's O'Hare airport as they departed for Lisbon, Portugal and I headed for a different terminal to fly back to San Diego. I was bit said to be missing the European Adventure, but the campaign will be better served by Surfrider Europe. I will be re-joining the tour in Ontario, Canada in early August to do the remainder of the North American leg. It will be a bit different since there will be chapters at most of the stops, and I will have 3 volunteers at each one.

I will relate any stories from the tour in Europe, but otherwise this blog will be on hiatus until early August.



Dean Roeper said...

thanks E! Followed your every day from back here in SD...a great message and great forum from which to send it...thanks!

Jim Moriarty said...

you should pass your posting ability to surfrider europe!