Saturday, June 21, 2008


We woke early this morning to drive from Chicago to East Troy, Wisconsin, home of Alpine Valley, a famous concert venue between Chicago and Milwaukee. The venue attracted people from all over: we met people from Minneapolis, Cedar Rapids Iowa, all over Wisconsin and Illinois. I had 2 volunteers: Keely, a college student from Minneapolis who has been a Surfrider member for 5 years (she joined after seeing a piece in Surfing Girl mag), and the SD Chapter's own Kristian Gustavson, who was in town preparing for his trip down the Mississippi River (see Keely drove almost 6 hours to the venue, but was very happy to finally be able to do something for Surfrider. She knew all about the RAP pledge, having received the email from Global HQ on it just a few days ago. My camera failed to get the photo of Keely and Kristian with Jack, but I did get a photo of him proudly showing off the belt buckle from Andrea Holeman made from leftover resin. He put it on and wore it the rest of day (including during the show, I believe, but his shirt was covering it). Jack and Zach Gill then played a couple songs for all of the Village Green volunteers, something they hadn't done before, and the volunteers were all thrilled.
Unfortunately the place we were provided to put up the Village Green saw little foot traffic, and our outreach suffered today. It's too bad since the venue seemed at capacity at 30,000. We had about half as many people come by as past shows. Still, the message was well received and again it seems that many people are already familiar with the problems with plastics. I met one high school teacher who wanted more information and I gave him my card to assist him (I always try to do that with teachers since they have the capacity to reach so many).
Tonight we drive to Minneapolis for the last show of this leg. The crew is excited to go to Europe and I am a bit sad to not be going with them.

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