Friday, June 13, 2008

Indy Rocks!

Our passengers are trickling onto the bus, at 12:30 a.m., as we prepare for the overnight bus ride to Bonnaroo. It was a crazy day of heavy rain and crossed fingers, hoping a tornado didn't blow away the Village Green. The weather gods cooperated and we had just a few heavy downpours before the doors opened and some light rain as people visited the booth. Lots of very interested people! Many people knew about the North Pacific Gyre and one woman knew the stats on recycling plastic bags. I was impressed! Many people read the RAP pledge and said they already did many of the things on there. The last line was changed to "pick up a piece of litter" and a lot of people (with kids, especially) thought it was a great idea to add that to their enviro regimen. I had only one volunteer show up (there were a lot of volunteer no-shows for the non-profits due to the weather), but she drove 2 hours from Toledo, Ohio and was a rockstar in her own right. She staffed the booth non-stop for 4 hours without a break, excited to do a Surfrider booth after joining as member at Kokua. Jack came around, as I think he does at every show and greeted and met each and every volunteer. My volunteer from Toledo was stoked!
The food continues to impress: Alaskan halibut with beurre blanc, roasted beets, fresh salads, oyster mushrooms and summer squash from local farms (that was just dinner!)
You may not hear from me for a couple days - Bonnaroo might be crazy!

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