Monday, June 16, 2008

Rock and Roll, Baby!

Today was another day off in Cleveland, and of course the thing to do is visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After a nice 4.5 mile solo run through downtown (2 laps around the Browns stadium), Hillary and I made a more casual stroll back to the museum. The weather is fantastic: low 70's with a warm breeze and low humidity. I thought the H.O.F. was really interesting, lots of great history of a variety of bands. I felt like I learned the history of punk last year at the Vivienne Westwood exhibit at the DeYoung museum in SF, which is good, because punk is under served at the H.O.F.
Early tomorrow morning we head to the venue to set up, then get back on the bus after the concert and head to Detroit for another show the next day, then back on the bus to Chicago. 2 nights straight on the bus means no showers probably, so I must enjoy the Ritz while I can! The crew on our bus (and the crew overall) is so varied, I don't think any of us come from the same state. People who work tours can live anywhere, then just fly to where the tour is kicking off. They will tour with different artists and some of them have great stories. It is clear that not all bands treat their crew as well as JJ does. We have been told a number of times how lucky we are that our first tour is like this. So, our crew consists of catering: Jack from Tennesee, Dave from Alaska, Collette from Bellngham, WA, and Christine from Florida. Haven't yet found out yet where Fiona is from. Andrew (Scooter) from Reverb is from West Virginia, and Josh is from Maine. Hillary is from Chicago and JC (merchandise) is from Boulder. Shaun from Climate Counts is from New Hampshire. Luckily we all get along pretty well, since we have long spells of being confined to a single 45 foot steel tube (aka, the bus). The bunks have about 2 feet of head clearance, so it you get in and out horizontally, and you don't spend any time there unless you are sleeping. Luckily, most of the time on there is at night, after the concert and we all crash soon after taking off.
Love the comments; am glad to know that people are following along!


Dean Roeper said...

thanks for the update E!
We are traveling vicariously with you....sounds like more fun than here!
Enjoy Cleveland!

Jim Moriarty said...

Hello Cleveland!!!