Friday, June 20, 2008

The Windy City....

...was not that windy after all. We arrived from cold and damp Michigan to warm and dry Chicago in brilliant sunshine. I think our crew breathed a collective "ahhhhhhhh" when the bus door opened in downtown. It was a day off, good for doing some laundry and catching up on some sleep (the overnight on the bus was brutal). Last night Hillary (a Chicago local) guided us to a local tapas restaurant, Cafe Iberico, which was fantastic. We then headed over to a pool and game party with JJ, family and crew at Dave & Buster's.
One cool thing that has happened is that people with whom I have interacted have become a lot more conscious of plastics in everyday life, especially the caterers. That is the goal - to get people to think about the use (overuse!) of plastics in everyday life, and I think they will start taking actions on their own to reduce. Certainly everyone touring with Jack for the first time has become more environmentally aware because of his directives for greening the tour.
The discouraging thing again is finding out about the lack of recycling programs in the states I have visited. I heard last night that Chicago does not have a recycling program - something about a conflict with the teamsters union.
We have another day off today so I am catching up on Surfrider and RAP emails. Then back to back shows before I fly back home on Monday. It's gone so fast!

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