Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Minneapolis Chapter!

We had the best show yet in Somerset, Wisconsin (River's Edge, which is the venue for Minneapolis). It was all festival "seating" (no seats, just a big lawn), and the Village Green had high visibility. My volunteers were Ryan, a Surfrider member from Minneapolis, and his girlfriend Bethany. They did a great job for their first booth event, and fielded more RAP inquiries than any other concert. Keely, my volunteer from yesterday stopped by, and we had a number of other Surfrider members stop by the booth who are fired up to get a chapter started in Minneapolis/Lake Superior. I am going to help them connect and get organized over the next 6 weeks. I think we could get 2 new chapters out of this leg of the tour! I had the opportunity at dinner tonight to thank Jack for bringing Surfrider on tour and he asked how it was going. I was the most excited to tell him that we may have 2 new chapters come out of this Midwest leg. New chapters mean outreach and awareness events and actions in areas of the country Surfrider has not yet reached. Yay!!!


Jim Moriarty said...

I love how you've (and Jack has) brought onramps into the midwest to plug into our mission.


Swamis awaits you, there is an open slot in the lineup reserved for you.

ryan said...

It was great to help out at the RAP booth last weekend. I am excited to get the ball rolling on getting a chapter up and running here.

Take care