Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DAY 3: Barcelona, a new chapter!

Here we are in Barcelona for Jack’s third European concert (after Lisbon and Madrid). Barcelona is one of the most dynamic Spanish cities, famous for its cultural Catalan tradition. Lots of energy going on here.

For this venue, our volunteer will be Guillermo Pena, a very active member of the Spanish surfing federation who gave great help to contact other NGOs and invite them on the Village Green.

But more importantly, Guillermo has firmly decided to start a new Surfrider chapter in the Spanish east coast!!! Jack Johnson’s tour gives us this fantastic opportunity to meet committed people that wish to take action. Thanks again to Jack, whose support allows us to grow and spread the message on a larger scale.

During the show, a very intense and interested crowd came to the booth to ask for information and talk about how the Barcelona area beaches are polluted. We need to increase the number of volunteers around here, and Guillermo’s activism and energy will surely help.

He’s invited Fernando Labad, president of the Spanish Surfing Federation, who presented his activities and projects that include a partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe. Fernando us developing a new project, called biosurf, that includes events and educational programs for the preservation of the environment. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long and efficient collaboration between our two organizations.

This venue was particularly profitable for our organization in terms of contacts and has set a base for a significant growth.

Once again, Mahalo to Jack for his support.


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