Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hyde Park, London

“ Jack’s music is what is right with the world” - Ben Harper

Ben Harper’s homage to Jack on stage was one of the most intense moments of the Hyde Park concert.

30,000 people came to the venue to see Jack perform with his old friend Ben, and the least we can say is it was an emotional gathering. Mason Jennings, G Love & Special Sauce, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson were all captivated by the amazing British sky and crowd.

They all shared songs facing an incredible sunset, with a yellow sun popping out from the clouds. A moment we’ll all remember for a long time.

At the booth, I was efficiently helped by Angela Howe, from Surfrider US, and Audrey Gaston, Surfrider Europe development manager. All together, as the global Surfrider team, we’ve presented our organization to more than 1,000 people. A huge success for this first British venue.

We also introduced Surfers Against Sewage’s work and activism over the UK territory. SAS has been working for a while now over here and is a very popular organization. Both of our organizations are wishing to work again hand in hand for the future, especially to bring our voice to the European institutions, like we did in the past. The All At Once gathering is a good occasion to share ideas about that.

This first British venue was a fantastic concert, and we all went back on the bus with lots of memories to sleep with, sharing this idea that Jack’s music is definitely what is right with the world.



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