Sunday, July 13, 2008


Jack Johnson’s euro tour continues with a stop in one of the most important city of western Europe, Munich, also known for its bier festival, the Oktoberfest.

Surfrider Foundation Europe is developing a chapter in Germany with the help of Albert Royal, our German rep. Kristina, our volunteer, has proudly represented Surfrider Germany, and made an impressive work on the booth, explaining our ambitions and projects over Europe, and especially the legal support Surfrider wants to provide to euro governments to help them apply the European law who sets new standards on the opening of beaches and lakes to the public regarding the pollution level.

There are many surfers in Germany and there is a static wave in Munich. Jack actually got the chance to surf it before the show. The German audience felt concerned about the protection of all nautical areas, and we got lots of signings of the pledge.

I have to say that Germany has longtime been far ahead in Europe in the protection of the environment. No doubt that the Surfrider seed will grow easily in this land.

Next stop Loreley, for the next German venue of the tour.



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H said...

riding a static wave is NOT surfing and not environmentally correct...