Friday, August 22, 2008

To BC and Back

We crossed into Canada with little incident, and were so pleased to see the sun come out late in the morning over Thunderbird Stadium on the U.B.C. campus. The doors opened early, at 4 p.m., so we had little free time before the volunteers arrived at 3 for training. I was lucky enough to have Adrian, chair of the Vancouver chapter, and 3 other volunteers at the booth the whole afternoon.
It was our first stop highlighting the Snowrider project and Jack was interested in hearing about that, saying that we should bring it to Colorado (great idea!). Zach Gill and Jack came up to play a show in the VG, right next our booth, which was great for booth traffic. It was a beautiful night!

Unfortunately, when we crossed the border from Canada back to the U.S. at 2 a.m., things didn't go so well... We were caravaning in 4 buses - everyone on the tour was there except for the band, which had left earlier in the evening, Immigration made everyone get out of their bunks and line up like at the airport (and then wait all together in holding while they searched the buses). 4 on our bus didn't wake up easily and we were not allowed to go back and get them. Instead, the immigration police went on the bus and tried to kick down the door to the bunk area, cursing at the sleeping 4 to open the (bleeping) door if they ever wanted to get in the USA again. The cursing and berating continued and until all 4 were off the bus and in line with the rest of us. Nice welcome back to the ole U S of A, eh?

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