Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Nicest People

Very warm, dry weather greeted us at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater outside Raleigh. Everyone said we were lucky to have such nice weather as the humidity was low, but we were sweating plenty in the sun putting up the Village Green. The thing that distinguished this show was that people were so nice! We noticed that in Chapel Hill too when we got lost looking for the laundromat and were offered a ride from a perfect stranger, who then invited us to use his laundry and visit the bar in town that he owns (called "He's Not Here" - pretty funny). The traffic in the Village Green was pretty mellow and I had 4 volunteers from the Cape Fear chapter, so we more than covered. Sean took to standing outside the booth and pulling people in, barker style.

I had the opportunity to meet Neil Halstead (one of the opening acts for JJ right now) and his guitarist Ben and gave them both Rise Above Plastics t-shirts. Ben wore his on stage at the show last night (they were both going to wear them, but thought it would look funny!). Ben and Neil both surf in Newquay, England and were very interested to hear about Surfrider and our programs. I am hoping to get them some Save Trestles shirts to wear when they tour California this month (they leave us in SLC and go on for a solo tour). You can listen to Neil's music on his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/neilhalsteadofficial

I woke this morning to overcast skies and rain (yippee!) as we roll into Atlanta. Rough night on the bus with bumpy roads and broken AC, so the bunks felt more like coffins with no air coming in. It is a sold out show tonight, so there is a lot of anticipation and excitement. I am looking forward to meeting my volunteers from the Coastal Georgia / Low Country Chapter.

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