Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Perfect Burrito

Hot-lanta they call it and I would have to agree. It was probably the hottest day yet and I think it made us all a bit loopy (at least Elissa and I were!) We spent the last half of teardown waxing rhapsodic about the perfect vinyl burrito (aka a folded tent canopy). We didn't have any perfect burritos tonight, but decided to take photos the next time we do have one so you all know what we are talking about. I am still the folding master but my apprentices, Elissa, Nicole and Abby (from Headcount) are getting pretty good. Stay tuned for some photos!

I had two volunteers tonight, Dave from Atlanta and Turner from the coast, and they were stoked to meet Jack before the show. There was a lot of awareness about Surfrider because of the large number of people from Florida who attended the show (where we have several Surfrider chapters).

Today is a continuation of the long bus ride from Atlanta that started at 1:30 a.m. to Kansas City. Aaron and Alicia Bravo, RAP volunteers from San Diego, are meeting me there and will be 2 of my volunteers for the KC show. Aaron designed the tour poster for Jack's Raleigh show and Alicia has worked with Jack's Kokua Foundation through her job at Kashi, so it's a perfect fit! We are planning to meet up tonight for some fun times in KC on our day off.


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ben said...

Hey Elizabeth!

Love the blog! its great that you let people in on all the work that goes into a tour! you think it would be possible to do a "production blog" with pics of all the JJ crew (guitar techs etc), bus's, truck's, stuff like that? I know id love to see some production office pictures and some pictures of Boogies guitar world.