Friday, August 22, 2008

And Then: More Rain

We arrived at Columbia Meadows outside Portland to a steady rain that continued off and on until the show started. It even rained a bit on Jack when he came out to meet the volunteers, and the scene of him huddled under his raincoat was reminiscent of his first album cover. Right after, a double rainbow appeared over the field, and everybody was awestruck.

My volunteers were Drew, the legal intern for the Portland Chapter, and Pete, State Policy Coordinator for Sufrider in Oregon, so I was well covered at the booth. At one point they asked which venue had the "crunchiest" crowd (meaning the most enviro), and I have to say it was the Portland crowd. The venue was also very green, with a large sorting/recycling station handling the waste, and volunteers stationed at waste cans to make sure people put their waste into the right bin (compost or recycling or trash).
About 2 a.m., we drove to Vancouver, B.C., crossing the Canadian border about 7 a.m. and luckily only a couple people had to go into immigration to answer questions while the rest of us slept. Not so lucky on the way back that night.... see my next entry for more.

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