Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mansfield, Mass

Tonight was my first show in location with a Surfrider chapter, the Massachusetts chapter, which covers the whole coastline. I had three great volunteers and we got a chance to talk a bit about core volunteer training and other things we do in the San Diego chapter that might help their chapter. We talked to over 300 people, which was a good number for a venue of this size.
Of course, the tour would not be complete without a few days of rain and today it poured on us while we were setting up. Thankfully it cleared by doors and Jack came out to meet the volunteers, always a highlight. JC, the merchandise king and one of my busmates, was beside himself as he met Tom Brady and Giselle backstage, where they were hanging out. Kind of like me meeting Eddie Vedder at Bonnaroo (except he got his photo taken with them!) My only celebrity sighting this leg so far was Frodo backstage in Montreal.

I caught the biodiesel truck fueling up the semis and included a photo of it for all of you out there interested in the greening of Jack' tour.

And for an update from my volunteers in Minnesota, check out Graeme Thickens' blog entry. I am so stoked that they connected and are moving on this!

Tonight we move on to Camden, New Jersey for another sold out show!


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GraemeThickins said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! We're indebted to you coming here for the Jack Johnson concert, because it helped us start making the Minnesota chapter a reality. Things are's coming!