Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blast Furnace (aka SLC)

Okay, I thought Atlanta was hot. But at the USANA Amphitheater outside of Salt Lake City, we sizzled in the desert sun, not a cloud in sight. The running joke is that "it's a dry heat", which didn't make up for the Surfrider booth facing the sun for the entire afternoon with no shade provided by the VG tents due to the setup angle. It seems the the venue encounters the heat regularly as there were sprinkler stations and shaved ice at regular intervals.

My 3 volunteers were all longtime surfers living and working in SLC. They took up the challenge of talking to as many people as possible of the concert, and had the highest number since the first stop in Toronto. Other than the hot sweaty aspect of the booth, I think they all enjoyed working at the concert and being able to represent Surfrider.

Above: Walter, Mike, me and Roger after the sun dipped below the horizon

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