Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chillin' in Toronto

Hi Everyone, Elizabeth here. I re-joined the tour yesterday at the airport in Toronto and we made our way out to the Horseshoe Ranch in Oro, which is about an hour north, and closer to the venue. It was great to reconnect with everyone and get the different perspectives of the European leg of the tour. Today was a "tech day" during which everyone unpacked containers that came back from Europe and partially set up for the concert tomorrow. This is the first concert ever for this venue, which is basically a big field reminiscent of Bonnaroo. It seemed a little backwoods but the caterers were back at it, feeding us all very well with locally grown food, prepared with a gourmet flourish. For the Village Green crew it was a quiet day, just making sure everything made its way back. Tomorrow is a big day (27,000 tickets sold!) followed the next day by the Osheaga Festival in Montreal. Stay tuned!

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