Monday, September 1, 2008

Eyes Closed

Photoshop anyone???

Sigh. It was hard to say goodbye. I entitled this blog entry "Eye Closed" because in most of the photos from last night, my eyes are closed - something I involuntarily do with all flash photography (as my frustrated friends will attest). But I also think of keeping my eyes closed as a way to keep the tour from ending. The last month went by so quick - the blink of an eye, even though I can say that some solid friendships were formed: Elissa from Patagonia/Vote the Environment, my partner in crime, roommate and running/hiking buddy; Dominic from Rogue Wave, San Francisco local, funnyman, and mischievous counterpart on the SB (support band) bus; Rachel, RW's tour manager, my silly new girlfriend who made me laugh hysterically; Chef Dave "Alaska", the genius behind the incredible meals and fellow surfer; JC, the "cotton tech" who kept me company on every day off, always being up for an adventure (like a 2 mile walk to the laundromat!); and Adam, drummer, fellow USC grad and lunch companion. There were many others, and I feel so grateful to Jack, Kim, Jessica and Cad for making this all happen. It truly felt like being part of a family. THANK YOU!!!!

Left: Me and Dominic

Left: Rachel and I can't get a good photo.


Ryan said...

It is great reading your blog and knowing that I was a little part of the message you are spreading all over the country. The MN folks have hit the ground running and you can take a lot of credit for that! Good work!


Anonymous said...

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